Tattoo Pricing

Every tattoo is a unique work of art that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Here at Dragon City Ink, we believe that everyone, regardless of their means, deserves a good-quality tattoo.

And we are committed to deliver it, while remaining as affordable as possible.

Dragon City Ink Tattoo by Loi

Tattoo by Phan Loi made at Dragon City Ink


We have several Tattoo Artists available with different skills and levels of experience. As a pricing reference in terms of time, their usual rates vary anywhere from 1.500.000 VND (∼$62) to 3 million VND (∼$130) per hour, according to their skills, speed, talent, and waiting list.

Other factors such as placement, complexity of the design, and skin type may impact the final price as well.

Therefore, our price is always per tattoo, not per hour.

  1. To get started with an accurate quote for your tattoo, please send us your tattoo project request, along with a reasonable budget that you are willing to spend for it.
  2. We will discuss your project with our tattoo artists. As a general rule, we always try to match your tattoo project with the best possible artist specializing in that style. This is to consistently deliver the best possible quality for every tattoo made at our studio.
  3. Once we have finalized the tattoo design, placement, and size in person, we will provide you with a final price for your tattoo.
  4. Once we reach an agreement, we require a deposit in order to secure your booking.
  5. It’s tattoo time! We’ll move forward with doing your tattoo for the agreed-upon, pre-defined price!


We spend a significant amount of time and money sterilizing and sanitizing all our tattoo equipment, always maintaining the highest possible hygiene standards. In over 2 years of activity, we have never had a single case of infection, and we would like to keep it that way.

Therefore, the absolute minimum price we charge for the smallest tattoo made at Dragon City Ink is 750k VND (∼31.00$). Which will get you a small (max size 2x2cm) black tattoo and won’t take more than 20 minutes to complete.


There are two scenarios for your tattoo designs.

1 – If you pick up one of the ready-to-tattoo “flash designs” available at our tattoo studio or on the internet, or if you bring your very own design, there is no extra charge for the design We’ll be more than happy to make minor changes free of charge.

2 – In the case of a truly new tattoo concept, designed completely from scratch for you, we need a deposit of 1 million VND to start the design project. The design can be modified up to 3 more times for free.


We don’t provide price quotes for generic tattoos by email, Instagram, phone, Facebook, Zalo, etc….! We are serious about providing you with an accurate quote for your tattoo. In order to do so, we will need to meet you in person and finalize a design first.

So if you have a cool new cool tattoo idea, please complete the below form to get started!

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