Meet our piercer

Noriko Nguyen is the lead piercer at Dragon City Ink. Noriko started practicing and learning about professional piercings in 2021. Conscious of the deep skills and proper safety procedures required with piercings, she decided to get trained by the most famous and professional piercer in Germany at the Trust Mannheim Piercing Studio. In Germany, she learned how to safely pierce according to the highest possible standards.

A Safe Piercing Experience

We pride ourselves on working with each client to deliver a personalized and the safest piercing experience in Da Nang. Your appointment starts with Noriko Nguyen, who will talk through your vision and offer advice and suggestions. From there, she will determine the precise location and angle for your new piece based on your anatomy. After antiseptic preparation of the skin, Noriko will execute her craft as gently as possible. Once the needle is in position, please take few deep, relaxing breaths, ensuring you are comfortable. The piercing process and installation are quick, and we are confident you will leave excited about your new look.

How We Pierce

All of our piercings are performed with sterile, single-use needles instead of a piercing gun. Needles open a small space in the ear tissue, a method that limits swelling and scarring in the surrounding area. Because needles are so precise, they help us execute complicated placements that cannot be done with a bulky gun. Needles also allow us to use different types of jewelry in your piercing, rather than limiting it to studs. In all, they provide a gentler, more artful piercing experience.

Safety Comes First

When it comes to getting pierced or having jewelry installed, your health and safety are our top priority. Before your appointment, all pieces and tools are sterilized in a Statim autoclave, and every surface in the piercing room is disinfected. Your piercer will wear a mask and apron, and change out gloves during the appointment. After, your piercer will review thorough aftercare instructions. Taking proper care of your piercing is essential so that it heals properly before you begin experimenting with different jewelry.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Clean your piercing until it is fully healed, which can take several months depending on the placement and your body.
  • Use a presoaked saline wipe or sterile saline spray on non-woven sterile gauze as a gentle compress for five minutes, morning and evening. Do this no more than twice a day.
  • Moisture can lead to bacteria. Dry the area well with sterile non-woven gauze or using the cold setting on a hairdryer.

Aftercare Tips

Aftercare Tips

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your piercing. A piercing is an open wound and dirty hands or fingernails can transfer bacteria.
  • Do not remove your jewelry during the healing process as it will begin to close immediately.
  • Do not clean your piercing with chemicals such as alcohol, Neosporin, or Bactine as these products could cause irritation.
  • Do not turn or rotate your jewelry.
  • Refrain from putting body creams, makeup, moisturizers, and perfumes directly on the piercing.
  • In the shower, try to keep soaps or shampoos away from the area and rinse thoroughly after.
  • Do not pull or pick the dried matter because it is attached to the healing tissue.
  • Be careful not to aggravate your new piercing. Be cautious while washing and styling your hair, when putting on or removing clothing, and refrain from sleeping on a fresh piercing.
  • Try to avoid sleeping on your piercing.
  • Use a travel pillow and suspend your ear in the center opening while you sleep.

Aftercare Tips By Piercing Location

Lobes and Helix

  • Avoid makeup and hair products.
  • Use a travel pillow to suspend ear in the middle of the hole while you sleep.
  • Use gentle pressure from showerhead to help clear debris.

Advanced Ear Piercings

  • Refrain from using headphones if they put any pressure on the piercing.
  • Avoid makeup and hair products that could interact with the piercing.
  • Sleep with a travel pillow.
  • Use gentle pressure from your showerhead to help clear debris.


  • Refrain from using any harsh face wash.
  • Avoid putting makeup, creams, and serums directly on the piercing.
  • If you have a cold or allergies, be gentle when blowing your nose.


  • Avoid any nasal sprays that are not saline.
  • Do not rotate the jewelry.
  • Use warm water on a clean paper towel to remove buildup.


  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and prevent waistbands from resting on the piercing.
  • Showering is preferable to bathing for the first few weeks.
  • Refrain from putting body creams, moisturizers, and perfumes directly on the piercing.
  • Ensure clothing does not rub the piercing, for example, high-waisted pants or jeans.


  • Refrain from using moisturizers or body creams directly on the piercing.
  • Avoid exposure to other bodily fluids.
  • Make sure only clean clothing comes in contact with the piercing.
  • Avoid tight clothing, lace bras, and woven fabrics.


  • Be mindful of spicy foods, acidic fruits, and alcohol.
  • Avoid putting makeup and creams directly on the piercing


  • Refrain from using moisturizers, body creams, or perfumes on the piercing.
  • Avoid exposure to other bodily fluids.
  • Be mindful of straps and handles on bags.
  • Do not wear jewelry that sits on top of the piercing.