Bheppo Tattoo Aftercare Cream ★ 30ml


A proper tattoo after care is important as much as getting the tattoo from a professional artist.

The Bheppo Tattoo Aftercare, (made in Denmark), is especiall suitable for the care and protection of the skin after tattoo with its plant-based contect such as hamamelis and aleo barbadensis extracts.Herbal formula is not only renews the skin but also moisturizes and preserves the vibrancy of the colors.

HOW TO USE: It is recomended to apply a small amount 3-5 times a day until it is completely absorbed.



It is recommended to apply only a small amount of Bheppo Tattoo Aftercare three times a day until it is completely absorbed into the skin.

Here at the Dragon City Ink Tattoo Studio in Da Nang, we import directly the best products from the best American and European manufactures.


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