Tattoo Aftercare

A proper aftercare is as important as getting the right tattoo, by the right artist at the right place. Please follow the below guidelines to get the best possible results for your newly done tattoos and piercings.

Step 1

Remove dressing 2-3 hours.

When the tattoo is freshly made it seeps, caused by the puncturing of the skin during the tattoo procedure. The initial dressing on the tattoo is to catch the excess white blood cells and ink that leak from your skin, as well as protecting your new tattoo from dirt, oil, dust etc.. in the initial stages of healing.

Step 2

Wash your tattoo with lukewarm soapy water and pat dry with a clean towel.

When you first remove the dressing from your tattoo there will be a build up of excess ink and dried up white blood cells, it will look a bit gooey. Gently was this away with everyday soap and warm water. Don’t use a wash cloth or anything abrasive, gently pat dry. Do not rub as this will only aggravate the skin. It is important to only use a clean towel.

Step 3

Apply the recommended cream 2 – 3 times a day.

Apply a small amount of either Bapanthen or Palmers Coco Butter as to prevent drying and tightening of the skin. DO NOT USE Vaseline: This forms a barrier to the air and prolongs the healing. Creams such as Savlon have an additive containing yeast cells that can cause infections. Other medical products may contain Neosorin that can destroy the ink and cause irritation. DO NOT share your aftercare cream with another person, they may or may not be carrying an infection or bacteria that could harm you.

Step 4

A scab will form 1 – 3 days after the procedure.

Allow this to heal naturally, DO NOT pick or scratch the tattoo whilst healing. If damage is made to the scab it will promote bleeding which may draw the ink from the tattoo, causing patches of the ink to disappear.

Step 5

Keep your tattoo clean.

Avoid contact with dust. oil, dirt ect… If you work in a dirty environment make sure to protect your healing tattoo. Loose clothing is recommended to avoid irritation.

Step 6

DO NOT soak your healing tattoo.

You can shower your healing tattoo but DO NOT submerge in a bath as it can cause serious damage and prolong the healing time. DO NOT bath and swim for 2 – 3 weeks.

Step 7

Avoid direct sunlight.

All pigment (colour) is affected by light. Both sunlight and artificial light intense light can damage your tattoo and fade the pigment. DO NOT expose your healing tattoo to strong sunlight or sunbeds for at least 3 weeks. Once healed use a TOTAL SUN BLOCK (high factor) on the tattoo to avoid fading.

Step 8

Enjoy your tattoos for the rest of your life :-)!

Tattoo Aftercare

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